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The weekend and this week

Thursday I called and talked to Paul. Turns out he didn't get the letter until he checked his mailbox on Monday (we'd sent it the previous Tuesday), and he questioned why it took us a month and a half to address the situation, but in general he took it graciously (although not as contrite as the last time we had a little chat). He also decided that it would be appropriate to formally resign as Treasurer, which means he's going to close the account and we'll have to open a new one (which I'll probably do through the credit union like I did for Gaylaxicon). At the EC meeting that night at my house we talked about who we might ask to be on the EC, particularly someone to take over as Treasurer, and so we decided to talk to Tony and Joe. After the meeting Peter, Yudi and I went for Chinese food, and it turns out Peter's eBay situation worked out pretty well - person whose money he refunded was very, very understanding (she understood what $500 meant), and the person who made the huge offer paid up right away. Evidently Peter believes strongly in breaking the rules whenever possible, which kind of worries me...

Friday was an interesting day. Annamarie's husband had more problems with his leg, so he had to go back into the hospital for another emergency surgery (he's ok now). Meanwhile my new co-worker is still copping an attitude with me, but at least I got to find out that I'm not the only one who has noticed - two other DA's mentioned to me that she seems to look down a bit on us lowly support staff. Thank goodness I don't support her directly, but I hope things improve (especially considering we're still hiring two more people, and the last thing I need is conflict). And oddly enough, it turns out that she wasn't even the one that gave the invites to someone else to do - the temp (Sam, who he and I get along very well) took it upon himself to do it while I was out because he needed something to do, which isn't a problem, but it makes it all very interesting. I also saw an extremely cute guy working in the Chancellor's office - yow! I already found a reason to e-mail him. :D On the way home Mom called and said no, they're not coming out here to San Diego for their 45th anniversary (and my 35th birthday) in October as I'd hoped, but they want to go to Walt Disney World in the beginning of November since my nephew will be there for a band trip. Dad says they'll spring for my room if I can make it there as my present, and I immediately called Daniel and asked him to go with me, so I gotta start saving my pennies. (Just what I need - another trip!) Then I went home, had dinner, Ben and I went to see "Finding Nemo" (first time for him, second time for me), and then we hung out at home before I went to bed.

Saturday - I found out Friday I wouldn't be able to pick up the ceramics in the morning, so I slept in, then went to coffee and dinner (found a great new Korean place). Yudi dropped the bomb that he's decided he's going to buy a house sooner rather than later, and Peter and Andrew (a new LYC person moving down here from Orange County) are going to move in with him. Quite a surprise, but he seems determined. Another LYC member happens to be a real estate agent, and Peter's owned property before, so they're all talking and figuring out how to do it. Methinks I'm going to have endure several months of real estate talk until they buy it. Interesting note - he wants to buy in Mira Mesa! After dinner I had to run a few errands - stopped at Pat's to pick up a hose for the car wash, stopped at the Center to drop off the checks (they were having the youth GLBT prom, which was so cute, and the guy who worked for the Center who helped me out was CUTE - more on that in a minute), then we went for ice cream, and then I finally made it home. I had to clean out my car and put all the car wash and G'con staff meeting stuff I needed into the car or I'd never have made it out the door Sunday morning.

Sunday - Got up and did the car wash for Pride Guides. Everyone who signed up showed up, and Yudi, Peter and Howard even came and helped out. For a fairly cloudy day we did ok - $336, but we've done better. Still, that'll probably pay for PG for all of next year, so that's good. Went over to Daniel's, took a shower and changed, then I went to the G'con meeting at David's. We're getting ready for Pride, which Bill covered, and Sandra talked about the pre- and post-con excursions she's planning (she's got her act together - I'm impressed). Kris and Darrel showed up, so evidently they're working the con. :D And they also told me (and I talked to Jim about it later) that the group that's putting the bid together for Westercon in 2006, San Diego Science Fiction Conventions, Inc., is going to ask me to be on their Board starting in January. I already figured I'd work the convention in some capacity, but Jim is hoping SDSFC will bring together all the SMOFs/conventions/fandom in San Diego to work together more, which I think is a neat idea. 2 meetings a month and a small financial commitment, but I think I'd enjoy it. I have until January to decide. I heard the LYC pot luck in San Marcos was fun, but I had to skip it. :(

Yesterday got off to a bad start - folks delayed to meetings by "weather" (or what passes for it out here), a couple people called out sick, had to schedule a last-minute meeting, had to make sure the luncheon got set up right... Oy. Met a way cute catering guy, though. :) I did take a moment to e-mail the guy I met at the Center when I dropped off the checks Friday night (see above), Johnny Wong, who gave me his business card "as a receipt." He called me back on the way home and we made a date for Friday night. I stopped at Target, checked out the store closing sale at Wherehouse (nothing worth buying), found myself to be a tad worm out so I took a nap when I got home, got up, wok'd up some garlic chicken leftovers, and finally got around to watching "Star Wars: Episode 2 - Attack of the Clones." Frankly, I couldn't figure out why everyone panned this movie. Yes, Christian Hayden certainly isn't Alec Guiness in his scope of acting (or even Ewan McGregor for that matter), and the dialogue is a little stilted, but for the epic it is supposed to be, I can forgive all that. The special effects were amazing (Yoda was particularly well done), Christopher Lee is great, and it's a fun universe to play in. A couple of plot holes, but nothing worse than most films anymore. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say I liked Ep. 2 better than Ep. 1. I'm eager to see how the trilogy plays out, and how it weaves its way into Ep. 4. I can see an all-day Star Wars marathon coming up when Ep. 3 comes out on DVD. :)

Today Debbi was being weird about the Umbrella Group and Pride Guides (accused me of talking about private budget info when she'd already sent off an e-mail to everyone that she forgot she sent, and wanting to get together to "make sure we're on the same page" as far as the relationship between PG and UG goes, which I already understand, but whatever - I'm flexible). We were also informed that we're moving up the hall this week, by Friday. I was also feeling a little dizzy and light-headed for some reason, so while I was eating some peanut butter crackers to wake me up... GAH! My filling came out! :( I go in on Friday to get it replaced and meet my new dentist for the first time. No plans tonight.

For the rest of the week:

* Wednesday - game night
* Thursday - no plans
* Friday - dentist appointment in the afternoon, date with Johnny
* Saturday - cancelled volleyball with GAMNET, meet before coffee about Pride, coffee, dinner, and possibly see "Charlie's Angels" with Yudi
* Sunday - 5-minute GAMbit (a dating party sponsored by GAMNET)
* Monday - meet w/Debbi after work

Next weekend is supposed to be Westercon, but I thought the ticket prices were too high and was waiting for them to go down, but while I was waiting, they went UP. :( Not good. I really need to go. Maybe I can find a weekend special. Bah.

I got another reminder about Broadway San Diego tickets - "Mamma Mia" goes on sale tomorrow. I haven't even gotten my tickets to "Aida" yet. David's being a weenie, too, so I may end up going alone. Blah.

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