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Forget Monday - we're skipping right to Tuesday

First off...

Happy birthday, nolly!


So I got in late Sunday night from seeing Quincy, then had a busy day at work Monday. Unfortunately by the time I got home a little toothache had started, so I lay down for a few minutes... and woke up at like 9:00 pm. Bah. Figured I needed it, so went right back to sleep. Missed seeing Corpse Bride with SDQSF, but minotaurs says I didn't miss much ("Nightmare Before Christmas-lite," evidently). I also missed Quincy's call. :(

So today I was refreshed for another busy day. I was looking over my boss' calendar for the next few weeks, and she is so not going to be happy with me giving notice on Friday - she's out for one solid week of my 3 left. Ugh. But, hey, at least I'm leaving before she goes out on maternity leave, so at least I can use that as a selling point. I need to get some long-standing stuff done over the next few days though so that when I tell her she doesn't freak out thinking there's an overabundance of things for me to finish off before I go. I need to get all my files from work off my computer (hence the USB drive I bought), file, do some stuff in the database, finish organizing the library, and finish a data entry project with one of the other admins. Hrm. OK, full plate until Friday, but then I can still do some of that stuff over the next 3 weeks as well if I don't quite finish it all. So it's all good.

After work I met up with my friend Lee who was visiting San Diego this weekend for his great uncle & aunt's 60th wedding anniversary. Wow! We went to Amarin Thai for dinner, and did a little shopping in Hillcrest before I dropped him off at the airport for his flight home. It'll be good to see him and my other friends from back home on a more regular basis once I move.

So now I'm catching up on e-mail, doing laundry, and updating LJ. This week isn't so bad - gaming tomorrow night, and I understand this weekend is Gay Days at Disneyland. Hmmm. Must ponder. :)

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