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A happy Tuesday

Today ended nicely. After work I went on a little shopping tour - personals at Wal*Mart, groceries at Vons, and a stop off at CompUSA. Why? They had TiVos for free - a $150 rebate from TiVo + a $50 off sale from CompUSA = $0.00. (I blame urban_bohemian for providing the link the other day.) Plus I got an adapter so I can finally MP3 a few old tapes that never made it to CD, including some homemade ones by the Medians (since Carl never got around to burning them like he's been promising for years).

Plus Q and I had make-up phone sex er, I mean, had a lovely chat and ironed things out. My low blood sugar + his weird mood = one unhappy San Diegan. He was apologetic and made me squee, so all is forgiven and no harm done. He really lurves me! :P

Now, bed. :D

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