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Weekend stuff, this week, and random musings


* Went to coffee. Fairly well-attended. Paul brought a new guy, Lee, who asked me for my card. Seemed like a nice enough guy. Anesthesiologist. (Just what I need - another doctor!). We're guessing Paul hasn't gotten the letter yet, 'cause he was being very friendly.

* Went to Pat & Johnny's and made my appearance for their 2nd anniversary dinner. Had to leave after a half hour to head to the Dopefest.

* San DiegDopefest II at the Corvette Diner! Me, John, Myke, macabresoul, Astroboy & Astrogirl, Shayna & Spiny Norman, The_Stranger, phouka, scout1222 & Jerry. Much fun, good food, very loud, queeny Mexican waiter, straws everywhere, pregnant balloon bunnies, all the good stuff. Walked Shayna and Norman to Hamburger Mary's afterwards as they wanted a margarita, then I went back to Pat & Johnny's.

* People were still there at 11:30 at night, singing karaoke. They started playing Uno, I started falling asleep, so I went home. I wanted Yudi to spend the night, but he was having too much fun.


* Up nice and early and drove with John to Lips for the second part of the Dopefest, Sunday gospel brunch. I got named "Hot Tea," was shushed by our drag queen waitress, and then she shamelessly flirted with Yudi. It was a gas. :)

* Yudi had been asked to participate in a photo shoot for a magazine GAMNET is putting together for Pride, so we met a bunch of folks in Balboa Park and they took pictures. Eugene and I had a cool talk about running our respective groups (he hears tell there's a third GAM group starting up that's out to spite both LYC and GAMNET - we shall see). Quite fun, although sometimes I need to stop flirting and keep my mouth shut. Quincy was there, still fun and cute - gave him my number. Washington was there, too - woof! Moto, too. Yummy. Howie also came by.

* There's a bunch of regulars from GAMNET and elsewhere that play volleyball on Sundays, so we stayed and Yudi played a few games.

* Pat called and invited us to dinner. (Ben called and said he was bored, and I invited him, but he ended up hanging out with the boys to get his PS2 fix.) Headed over for some yummy chicken and lounging.

* Joe & Tom called while we were there and invited everyone over for coffee to see the new house they bought at 3rd and Arbor. Quite nice, very nicely decorated. Ended up having a long discussion with Howie about dumb things we do when we're thinking with the wrong head and how to avoid becoming the next hate crime statistic.

* Finally too tired, went home, la la la. All in all a nice day spent with Yudi.

Today's been crazy. Changed flights for the third time, got a literal last-minute appointment, then they had plane problems. Oy. I'm leaving early. Laundry tonight - w00t.

Tomorrow night is the Belmont Park stroll, Wednesday is gaming, Thursday is the EC meeting, Saturday I pick up the ceramics we made last week, and Sunday is the Pride Guides car wash, Gaylaxicon staff meeting and LYC pot luck (I'm skipping the pot luck).

Other random stuff:

* Ended up reading some Harry Kim slash fic today care of the Dope. Fun stuff, although I'm not usually a fan. Mostly Kim/Paris, although I did read a good Kim/Wesley one, which mildly disturbed me that I found it erotic (Wil Wheaton looks better now that he's older, so I pictured him as a buff Johann Paulik and it worked for me that way).

* Disturbed by the outcome of the first Georgia hate crimes case. The guy is hitting the other guy with a baseball bat while screaming homophobic epithets, and it's not a hate crime? It's depressing.

* I think I got bit by the settle down bug. I really, really wanted Yudi to come home with me Saturday night to cuddle, and realized I really wanted someone to come home to. Perhaps this June gloom has gone on too long and is adversely making me slightly psycho or something. I'm sure it'll pass the next time I pick up a trick on AOL. :D

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