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missfran's Friday Five

1. What's the highest you've ever been (read that which ever way you wish)? 35,000 feet or so in a lot of different planes, with all my travelling over the past few years (especially San Diego to Washington, DC).

2. Of what acheivement are you most proud? I dunno. Being a good friend? Making people laugh? Planning and running things that make people happy? Sure, that'll do. :)

3. What is the most expensive thing you own that is NOT a car or a house? My desktop computer, followed closely by my laptop computer.

4. What did you do for your eighteenth birthday? I honestly can't recall. I'm sure it involved hanging out with some high school and college friends, but I wasn't out yet so it was probably pretty tame. :)

5. What is your favourite fact? "Apparently, the rabbit is the only mammal unable to vomit." :D

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