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The weekend & today

Had a lovely, boring weekend. Friday night I played video games mostly, and poked around online, but didn't stay up too late (although I knew Quincy was flying back to DC from Atlanta, but I went to sleep before he landed).

Saturday I blissfully slept in, but made it up and out to tea for the first time since before Pride. Caught up with the LYC boys, and Chris (the current President) said he'd like to make October's pot luck a little going away thing for me, which would be nice. Ended up hitting Sanfilippo's on 5th Avenue for dinner with Mark and Edwin, where Mark and I compared notes about starting our own businesses (he was on workers' comp for a while, and has started selling at the local flea markets and making a pretty good go of it from what he says). Afterwards I came home and poked around a bit more online, staying up way too late. I got a call from Quincy around 1 in the morning (4 his time) telling me they finally kicked them out of the clubs and he was headed back to his friend Edward's place (he told me the first thing he wanted to do when he got back was go clubbing, so I'm glad he got to go).

I was invited to hit Disneyland on Sunday, but being up so late I just couldn't bring myself to set my alarm (sorry, jsciv!). Slept in even later, was a bum all day, but did get out to hit dinner with adventdragon. Quincy called later after he'd gotten back to his house, and he's working on both getting us a place to live (both permanently and temporarily if need be). He knew today would be a big day being his first day back, and he also said that he was still going to request leave for October, but no guarantees, especially since the base is understaffed because they sent people to help with the Katrina relief efforts, so we're just going to have to wait and see (although either way I don't think it'll change my timetable, so plans continue to move forward).

Today it was back to work. I had my weekly meeting with my boss and soooooooo wanted to drop the bomb on her just for kicks, but refrained. In the afternoon we had a going away party for a higher-up who is leaving for a new job, and it amazed me how many people were faking sincerity at her leaving (me being one of them). She was good at her job, but at the price of being a micromanaging, perfectionist hard-nose, and it alienated those of us underlings who had to work with her. She's a nice person, but I'm not sorry that I'll never have to work with her again.

Tonight I attended a lovely Party Lite party at buddykat's where galtine1, blood-sucking stinky candle peddler scum that she is, didn't have to do much to convince me to get a couple of new things, but fortunately just a couple. :) And of course I stayed afterwards for the gossip. Hee!

Not much going on this week. There's an LYC Executive Commitee meeting tomorrow night which I'm thinking about attending, just to say hi to some folks, but we'll see how I feel. Gaming on Wednesday as usual, and then that's about it. I'm free again for the weekend, but at some point I really need to start packing for the big move (about 6 weeks and counting). I also really need to spend one last day at Disneyland, but I have to make sure I can get Glenn, Stanton and James to go since I won't be seeing them for a long while (not to mention jsciv, pansyfilmmaker and amazonatheart), plus I'd like to stop in and see Giles on the way up or back as well. I'll just have to figure something out.

Edited to add: Whoops! Almost forgot about the Conjecture staff meeting at jbriggs' and galtine1's on Saturday, and although I'm not required to go, I want to so I can finally see their place. :)

Edited again to add: Also have the September LYC pot luck after tea on Saturday.

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