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The Week In Review

Ugh. Long week getting AMB ready for her trip, culminating in her having to take Friday off for a house emergency. Also found out yesterday we're moving up the hall into the AVC's office, which has interoffice political ramifications I'm not looking forward to (it is, however, a necessary move, as we're running out of space in our location). Still, she leaves Monday morning, and I get the rest of the day and Tuesday to start packing for the move. Other highlights of the week were dinner with Arnie on Wednesday (he left right after dinner to drop off his tennis racket to get re-strung, and I'm wondering if he might have lost interest - c'est la vie), painted ceramics with LYC on Thursday (Yudi, me, Howie's down for the weekend, and a new guy, JP showed up, and I painted a neat teacup and saucer in a faux Japanese style with the LYC yin yang logo on it), and last night we had a Conjecture staff meeting, and afterwards I met up with Yudi and a few other folks and watched "The Ring," which was more suspenseful/creepy than scary (and isn't Quincy cute?). Afterwards we got coffee, went to visit little PJ (Pat and Johnny's dog), and watched porn (My, haven't Lukas and Johann grown up nicely?).

However, because of the long week, last night I was a bit irritable and snappish. Poor Yudi. :) We ended up having a long talk about what he wants vs. what he thinks he should want (based largely on what he saw in the porn). Sometimes I worry about that boy. :(

Slept until 2:00 today, now I'm off to LYC coffee, pop over to Pat and Johnny's for a few minutes for their anniversary dinner, then off to Corvette for San DiegDopefest II - w00t! They'll probably drag me out afterwards (and if they don't, Yudi and Howie will), and tomorrow is brunch at Lips with no plans for the rest of the day (well, I do need to do laundry - such is life).

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