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Lovely weekend so far

Got to leave work early on Friday, and had a productive dinner with jkusters at Mimi's on Friday night, which was long in coming.

Slept in on Saturday, and had what could be my last chat with Quincy until he's stateside as he was scheduled to leave for Bagdhad Sunday evening and wasn't sure what phone/internet access would be like. Unfortunately by the time we hung up it was too late for me to make it to LYC tea on time, so I just stayed home and a few folks came over to pick up some dinner and game until the wee hours.

Today I slept in again, and had a lovely belated birthday dinner for adventdragon at his mom's with xiaomozi666 in Alpine. Can't ask for much more than steak and baked potatoes followed by a few card games. :)

Tomorrow minotaurs and I may go scouting a few places for an SDQSF event we're planning, and then folks are coming over for a BBQ and more gaming. Yay!

Oh, and thanks to a lot of good advice in my last entry I downloaded quite a few spyware and anti-virus programs, and things are considerably better on my PC, although I still have a few things to clear off. I got very frustrated after starting a Wikipedia entry on Clan Blue Feather and ended up losing all my work because of the damned pop-ups so I got, um, a little flustered. Yeah, that's it. :)

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