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Jun. 10th, 2003

Well, Friday I skipped lunch and left early, popped down to Hillcrest, met up with Paul, got the checks, dropped them off at the Pride office and the Center, came home, cleaned, and made the car wash sign.

Saturday I slept in (of course), went to coffee and dinner, then rented "Die Another Day" and watched it at Pat & Johnny's with Hoai. (Yes, it messes up the order of all the Bond films I'm watching - next up is "Diamonds Are Forever" - but I'll just watch it again at the end. At this rate I'll be able to go see Bond 21 in the theaters when I finally get to the end.)

Sunday I got up early, went to church and John and I watched Myke become a member of First UU, then went to the car wash (we thought it would literally be a wash since it was drizzly and overcast, but by about noon it was starting to brighten up a little and we ended up making $469 despite the weather), then back home for John's birthday party (good food, lots of fun folk, played a bunch of games). By the time Yudi left at 9:30 I went right to bed.

Yesterday was fine at work, stayed in last night but didn't get much accomplished.

AMB is back in today, and this week will prove to be busy as we have an event Monday in SF to prepare for. Otherwise it's home tonight, out with Arnie Wednesday, ceramic painting Thursday, Conjecture meeting Friday, coffee and Pat & Johnny's anniversary dinner and San DiegDopefest II Saturday, and Lips brunch and possibly Sea World on Sunday.

Yeah, I have time for myself - NOT. :(


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Jun. 10th, 2003 10:29 am (UTC)
I'm bummed that I shall miss you all on the weekend.

But I shall be there in spirit.
Jun. 12th, 2003 10:20 am (UTC)
blimey. and to think i'm immensely proud of myself if i manage the energy to walk around the corner and buy cookies. aren't you exhausted??
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