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Quincy update - he's started the trek home!

Quincy didn't call on Sunday, which was actually a good sign - that meant he'd left his base (Al Kasik) Sunday morning and was starting his loooooong trip home after a delay of over 3 days. Sure enough I got an e-mail this afternoon saying he'd already been to Belaj and was now at Taji and will hopefully be able to give me a call tomorrow. Evidently he'll be killing some time there, but it's a very nice base with things to do (gym, entertainment, etc.). From there it's on to Bagdhad, then Kuwait, then the flight to Georgia on September 6 with a layover in Germany, then finally back to Maryland. I'll probably not hear much from him before he actually makes it back to the states, but at least I can take comfort that this is finally coming to a close.

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