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Tuesday - back to work!

Back to work today, but nothing exploded while I was gone so it's all good (although I've got almost 500 e-mails to weed through, half of them spam). Everyone seems to have missed me, which is nice - there are "welcome back" signs all over the office. Feel the love! :)

However, the Big Countdown really begins now. If everything goes as planned I've got 9 weeks of work left, 10 until The Move, and lots to do in both areas in the interim, job hunting and packing chief among them. Quincy has promised me he'll have someplace for us to live, so he's got his own work to do once he gets back.

So a little groggy today, but a little excited and anticipatory as well. Not much going on this week that I know of, so I can hopefully relax and get back into the swing of things again.

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