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Done with work!

I didn't leave work until 8:45 tonight. Ugh. But I got done everything I needed to, including my self-evaluation. So I stopped for gas, came home, heated up dinner, and tinyhand and paranoyd stopped over so I could get some more Mary Kay (I'm so girly). Now I'm dicking around online, but I got most of my packing done last night so I just need to stay up a little late and finish up. Plus, I don't leave until 9:00 pm tomorrow night, so I've got time tomorrow, too.

I'm liking the fact that I'm not rushed tonight, so I can ease into my vacation. I'm going to have to remember to do it this way next year.

Oh, and Celeb called me tonight and said that the group that splintered off from us is threatening to refuse to sign the map outright if they don't get treeline. HA! I have no doubt John would plop them right onto the road if they get belligerent.

Poor Celeb - that's three bitches he has to deal with now (them, the previous, and of course ME). He's stressing, but I know in the end it'll all work out (then again, what choice do we have?). I'm sure I'll get an early morning call giving me all the dirt, so we'll see how things go down.

Time for tea, no?

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