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This week

Well, not too much going on lately. Monday was my new co-worker's first day, and she'll be working in regional with me as an Assistant DOD. She seems ok. After work I was a complete and utter bum but raised my ranking on CE online to around 47. :)

Last night I put all my SCA garb into under-the-bed storage tubs, only to discover that they're just a smidge too tall, but I have a plan to get around that. My room remains a disaster area, and adding these to the middle of it until I can get them under the bed doesn't help. I had a lovely dinner, dessert, food shopping trip and coffee with Arnie, who wants to go out a third time. Also got a call from Howie who is coming down next weekend for Pat & Johnny's anniversary dinner, and evidently Yudi encouraged him to hit on me. :) Was up way too late, and got up at about 7:55 both yesterday and today, putting me at work later than my usual late, but it's all good.

Tonight is gaming, although I really need to fold and put away my laundry and solve my bed problem at some point. Since Daniel's on night shift training for the next month, I'm not sure what we're going to do if it's just us and Ben, as Ben prefers the PS2 and there's nothing on there I like to play two-person (except maybe Twisted Metal Black). We haven't seen Allison because of school, Furp is moved to Wisconsin, and David only comes once in a blue moon (or if we remind him). Might be a slow night, or might change gaming to Thursday for a few weeks so Daniel can join us. Worse comes to worst, me, John and Myke will play CE online together. :) (New laptop is working out well, thankfully - I named her Sophia, after the only woman who ever aroused me, Sophia Loren.)

Tomorrow night I have a haircut, and AMB starts 3 days out of the office - yay! No plans yet Friday. Saturday is Susan's birthday, but aw darn, just couldn't find a cheap enough ticket to fly home (but let's not talk about that laptop I bought to my mother or she'll have a fit!). I'll probably do LYC coffee and dinner instead. Then Sunday is both the first LYC car wash fundraiser at the Center, and John's birthday party.

And next weekend is San DiegDopefest II! w00t!

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