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BBQ Pit fun at the SDMB

Great. I've been Pitted once again. Well fuck me for calling people on being ignorant homophobes and sticking up for my lesbian sisters. Would it have been ok if anyone else other than me had posted it? That's surely how it feels. I guess I'm back to One Trick Pony status, and I'll have to once again post a rundown of all the threads I post in to "prove" I'm not. Most Dopers will chime in and support me; some will halfheartedly agree with the OP, "not meaning any offense;" and a small minority will use it as an excuse to vilify me for whatever reasons (probably because I called them to task before on the same jerkish behavior that I was ranting about in the first place).

Didn't we do this, like, twice before?

They build you up, they tear you down - and I'm the "whiny queen."

I am seriously considering a break from the boards.

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