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WARNING: Political ranting ahead

So Frye is headed for a runoff in November - no surprise there. Hooray for a Democratic mayor! However, Proposition A passed, which just annoys me to no end. From SignOnSanDiego:

City voters decided Tuesday that the Mount Soledad cross should be the federal government's to bear.

Proposition A, aimed at preserving the cross on public land in La Jolla, easily exceeded the two-thirds threshold it needed to pass...

The proposition calls for the City Council to give the 29-foot cross, a concentric set of granite walls and the land around them to the U.S. Interior Department as a national veterans memorial...

In 1991, U.S. District Judge Gordon Thompson Jr. ruled that having the cross on city land violated the state constitution. An injunction barring the cross from La Jolla park land was put on hold while all sides tried to find a solution.

Federal courts struck down two sales of the cross to the Mount Soledad Memorial Association, which built and maintains the site as a veterans memorial. A third sale was rejected in November by 60 percent of San Diego voters...
Of course, it doesn't really matter - it's all going to be settled in court anyway, because the voters want things that are against the law, and until they change the laws, these propositions are essentially useless (except to our local right-wing radio hosts who enjoy lambasting the left).

I feel that yes, it's a war memorial, and for that reason deserves careful consideration and respect, but at the same time it's a huge frelling Christian cross on government property, and I find that to be over the line (not to mention an insult to those non-Christian servicemembers who the memorial is supposed to be honoring).

It's quotes like these, however, that scare the pants off of me:

Charles LiMandri, an attorney for the Thomas More Law Center, which fights for Christian ideals in court, said a legal battle will last for years.

"This is going to be going on past our lifetimes," said LiMandri, 49. "This culture war isn't going to end. ... We see this as a bigger battle. We're fighting for the minds, hearts and souls of America."
{shudder} Stay away from my soul, you fascist.

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