Esprix (esprix) wrote,


I'm overly compatible with my stalker! GAH! And I think I'm a little too compatible with John there... ew! ;) And what's up with Doob being like last? :(

Anywho, go to LJMatch if you want to try the same.


katiekilldare 106%
sistercoyote 91%
hamadryad 91%
jkusters 88%
sassy 88%
oxymoronnyc 87%
opalcat 87%
zyada 85%
drewan 84%
eutychus 82%
persephone767 81%
samuraimeg 79%
gingy 76%
oedi 76%
weirddave 72%
nolly 70%
ben_raccoon 69%
drainbead 63%
schnuder 61%
doobieous 50%
How compatible with me are YOU?

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