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Pennsic bound

Bought my tickets today for Pennsic - 23 days to go until my annual battery recharge. I'm leaving Saturday night August 6 for a red-eye into Pittsburgh, then leaving comfortably Saturday evening August 20 to return home that night. Got it for less than $300, which isn't bad (less than what I paid to go to Gaylaxicon in Boston, that's for sure). Also found a shuttle service from the airport to Cooper's Lake, so I might take advantage of that so Caleb doesn't kill himself picking everyone up and dropping everyone off (can't abuse my War husband or he'll surely hold it against me).

So, kind of excited. Still have Comic-Con this weekend and Pride two weeks after that, but I've done it for the past five years, so I can handle it, especially since I have so much less responsibility and stress this year - yay!

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