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An art career?

So I think I want to be an art dealer.

I blame galtine1.

OK, so I've been going to sci-fi conventions for about 20 years or so, if you count way back when I used to go to Creation conventions to meet the companions from Doctor Who. After starting in the SCA I was introduced to fan conventions, and attended Gaylaxicon and Philcon. After a few years I mostly went to see friends and shop the dealers room, as the programming usual bored me. (I kind of started to feel the same way about Pride - same rainbow crap, different year.)

When I moved out to San Diego, I got involved in Conjecture, but this time I saw a con from the other side - running it, rather than just attending it - and it breathed new life into fandom for me. (I also started running booths at Pride, which did the same for me there, too.) I also knew I was going to bring Gaylaxicon with me, giving me my first taste of SMOFdom, and I'm still enjoying it (although pacing myself rather than burning out as I worry some of my friends are going to do).

So I found myself getting excited in fandom again. Then at some point galtine1 lures me into an Art Show (I think it was at Coppercon). Suddenly (I suppose with my grown-up tastes - HA!) I find myself intrigued and enticed by the amazing amount of talent I see there. I start buying a few pieces. I start noticing artwork in other places, such as Pennsic. I even start to run an Art Show auction or two at cons. Next thing you know I'm building a collection and recognizing artists by name.

Then along comes my artist boyfriend. So talented, yet so not into the business of it all. He does some pieces at Gaylaxicon and they're a hit. I realize he needs to do more, but, as he puts it, "I just want to draw - you be my mouthpiece." Suddenly I'm his manager and agent.

As this is mulling over in my mind, I realize I have other talented friends, notably akirashima, and then I start meeting other talented people, like troystar. I see them struggling, and find myself frustrated that they're not getting the recognition they deserve (never mind that I've started buying pieces from them). I see a Theresa Mather original go for over $300 at an Art Show auction and I'm thinking, "Theaddy could do that, too!" I'm starting to feel philanthropic. (Working in Development at the university doesn't hurt, either.) I find myself wanting to be some artist's wealthy patron circa 1460.

Oh that I only had the money! But I do have something else to offer - organizational skills, an administrative career of as long as my fandom career, and a bit of passion about these people and the art they create. Maybe that's what I could use to help them achieve what I think they could.

So I've been bouncing the idea around in my head of becoming an art dealer, or, rather, a small artist management company. They do the art, I get it out to convention art shows (or wherever else might be appropriate), handle the paperwork, and take an appropriate cut from their sales (either cash or artwork, hence feeding my addiction). I've even been thinking of what kind of database I'd need to track all the information on each artist, piece of artwork, show, sales, etc.

I think I want to do this. I think I could play a part in bringing some great artwork to new fans.

Am I wacked-out crazy or what?

Wait, don't answer that...

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