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Long Beach Pride last weekend, Baycon this weekend

Long Beach Pride

Well I guess I'll just settle for a quickie update of the past week before I head off to Baycon for the weekend, as it was quite exciting and I don't want to leave out any of the juicy details. ;)

Friday - Yudi came over, I made a nice pasta dinner, and we met up with Bill and saw Matrix Reloaded. Sadly, it broke my Golden Rule of Good Movies - not only did I look at my watch, but I noticed the passage of time; worse, it felt like a two and a half hour film, and it wasn't even two hours. It reminded me of the difference between Aliens and Aliens3, which is not a good comparison. The cave dance floor scene was way too long, the conversation with The Architect left a good portion of the audience in the dust because it was too floridly wordy and went on too long, and it should have ended at Neo's "24 hours" line, but then proceeded to go on another 20 minutes just to set up the next film. Ugh. Disappointing. On the plus side, the special effects were, of course, top notch, the fighting scenes were amazing, and I enjoyed the plot and the characters. I place the blame solely at the feet of the director.

Saturday - Had a Conjecture meeting, puncutated by two fire alarms in the building we were in - fun. I went home, met Yudi and Jeff, we picked up Peter on the way, and drove up to Long Beach Pride. When we got there we checked in to the hotel, met up with some other LYC folks, had dinner at Hamburger Mary's (where Peter and Yudi got their faces shoved in the crotch of an exremely well-hung stripper), had coffee at The Library, and went back to the hotel. Victor also stayed with his, and Yudi found himself vaguely attracted to him, as he's a muscular guy, but at the same time was a little weirded out, as he's also Chinese. Ah, I love watching the little confused looks on their faces as they discover new things about themselves. :D

Sunday - Got up nice and early and had breakfast at a local diner, then walked back to the hotel to check out (long walk!). I changed out of a long-sleeved t-shirt into a tank top, and when we got to where Pat and Johnny were saving us a seat, Johnny literally looked at me in horror at my outfit, which kinda pissed me off (turns out it's not that I looked bad, I'd just never worn anything quite so casual around these guys). Hoai was also yanking my chain, but I did my best to ignore them. We watched the parade (pretty typical pride parade), then went down to the festival. It's huge! At least four times the size of San Diego, and sooooo many gorgeous Asian men! (Yudi was unimpressed with the white boys.) Walked around a bit, did a little two-stepping, stopped by a few booths, bought just a t-shirt, and listened to Glenn and Stanton sing at the gospel tent, which was fun. We finally dropped Jeff off with his "new friend," and headed home around 7:30 or so. Quite exhausting! And yes, I got badly sunburned - even started to get chills after Yudi dropped me off at home. :(

Monday - I still wasn't feeling well when I woke up Monday, so I called out sick and slept most of the day. Got some laundry done.

Tuesday - Back to work. Got a chance to hear Samuel Delaney speak on campus, where he dedicated his three readings to gay sex - yay! Allison asked him if he could make it go G'con, but he doesn't travel much, so it doesn't look likely. He may make it to Boston in '05, though. I'm interested in checking out some of his work now.

Wednesday - Gaming night, played Fluxx for the first time (neat!), and then played Carcasonne.

Thursday - Busy at work getting a mailing out at the last minute, but I'm used to it with my boss. Had an LYC EC meeting and discussed ways of preventing the sharks from feasting on the new meat, and came up with some viable options. (We'll beat our bad rep yet!)

Today - Here at work, but heading off shortly to catch my plane to San Jose, then I'm off to Gay Day at Great America with Doug, Joey and Hal - should be fun.

Tomorrow - I'll head over to Baycon in the morning to run the G'con fan table, then have a San Diego con party for G'con and Conjecture tomorrow night, and stay at the hotel.

Sunday - Fan table, then probably head up to San Francisco to hear Hal DJ at a country bar, then Doug and Joey are taking me out (I've never been to SF before, so it should be fun).

Monday - Doug and possibly Joey and Hal are going to take me around SF some more, then Doug is driving me back to San Jose so I can head home Monday night.

See? Aren't I interesting? ;)

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