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More good news/bad news

Quincy just called - SQUEE! However, it was a good news/bad news thing:

The good news: If all goes according to plan, Quincy's replacements will be there a few weeks before his six months are up, meaning he won't have to stay an extra few weeks to train them. August 27 can't come soon enough!

The bad news: Long discussion about him considering re-enlisting in order to teach, but only if he advances before his enlistment is up (fortunately one of his choices would be San Diego, and if he's teaching he would be guaranteed not to deploy, but I take both of those with a grain of salt when it comes to the military). Much more discussions about this will follow, 'cause right now my attitude is that I'm sick of being a Navy wife. BAH.

Otherwise he's fine - he's been busy but not overly so (read: no dangerous missions of late), and he made me laugh, as usual. :) I sent him a little anniversary present with the last package I sent him, but I don't think he'll get it in time, but it's all good - I know he'll like it. Hee!

Other stuff going on, will post again later.

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