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Wednesday - As I mentioned, traffic was a nightmare. My boss had a friend that spent four hours on the 101 coming down from North County, so she stayed home in the morning and came in around 2:00 - and then, of course, at 3:00 they announce they're closing the 5 again at 4:00, so I left at 3:15 (and then they ended up closing it at 6:00, but my boss had left early by that point, too). Wednesday night was gaming with Ben, Daniel and David, and we played Cosmic Encounter and some Guillotine.

Thursday - Ben had two free tickets to "Triple Espresso," so him, me, Yudi, Myke and John went. It was funny and worth seeing - once. (John and Myke are more enamoured with the show than I, and I can see why - good, clean, funny stuff - but I didn't think it was good enough to see a second time). Almost went to Ghiradelli's for ice cream, but I had to go buy a TV from damaydama. :)

Tonight Yudi and I are doing dinner at home then seeing "Matrix Reloaded," possibly with Bill. Tomorrow I have a Conjecture staff meeting, then we're off to Long Beach Pride.

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