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A gaming weekend

Had a fabulous game day at jsciv's yesterday, and Kevin and I talked the whole way up and the whole way back. Didn't get to bed until about 3:00 am.

Then today, after 7.5 hours playing Twilight Imperium with the boys, I spent another 4 playing City of Heroes and had another successful session - started at level 24, teamed with Kevin with a random team that were all around 27-29, were taking on missions with level 31 bad guys (all purple to me), but I didn't sidekick so I could rack up the XP, trying to keep out of the way so I didn't get creamed. Didn't work - I died like 4 times, but this team was so good, plus there were 8 of us which spawned a lot of bad guys, that I went in and out of debt very quickly. Finally dinged 25, and the bonus was that I was getting level 30-32 single origin enhancements dropped on me left and right as rewards, so if I can't use 'em (and I couldn't use most of them, actually), then I can sell 'em for big bucks. Oh, and I fought Lucsa again, which was just fun. :)

Work tomorrow, but a fun vacation day. Only down side is that Q still hasn't called, and it's been 8 days. Foo. Starting to worry, even though I shouldn't. :(

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