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Neat week and weekend

Well, had training on Wednesday (found a neat new way to make my life easier at work), went to a lunch meeting on Thursday, and Friday my boss was out of town so I came in a little late and left a little early (with permission, of course - not that I needed it!).

Friday night I picked up Yudi from his trip to Rochester, then we went to see X-Men 2 (and you can read how I stopped someone cutting in line if you're so inclined) - quite a fun movie, and Magneto's escape was the best scene in the film. The whole film makes me want to learn more about the X-Men universe. Stayed over his place, but before bed I pulled a muscle in my neck and it's still bothering me. :(

Saturday he went and did some errands and such, and I stayed in. After we colored his hair (blondish/brown highlights), we went to LYC coffee (new guy, Michael, joined us) and dinner, then off to see Stage Door at UCSD with Myke and John, the last of my free tickets I won last June. Afterwards we had dessert at the Living Room, and as I'm getting into my car to head home, who should I run into but Master Giles and his lover, Joe! Yudi turned around to join us, and we had a drink at Flick's whilst watching the wet underwear contest. It was so good to see them - haven't seen Giles in months (really need to see how his Big Old Victorian is doing, and I pass right by Santa Ana every time I go to Disneyland), and it was nice to get to know Joe a little better (they just celebrated their year anniversary since Joe moved out here from Florida).

Sunday I slept in, got myself together, went to the LYC pot luck at Tom and Joe's, called my mother for Mother's Day and my father for his birthday and sang a hybrid song of "M-O-T-H-E-R/Happy Birthday" (they were amused), and played Uno for a while.

So today my boss is back, have a phone call with Allison tonight to talk about Gaylaxicon GoH's, and it's the Evil Sister's 40th birthday (whether or not I go home for the party on June 7 depends on airfare costs). Tomorrow is an Umbrella Group lunch, Wednesday is game night, and this weekend is a Conjecture staff meeting and Long Beach Pride.

Gah! Only two weeks to Baycon! I need to get my plane ticket...

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