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Candles, makeup and gay boys, oh my!

Last night was much fun! I hosted a PartyLite candle & Mary Kay (for boys) party at David's Coffeehouse, and much fun and girlyness was had. We left with silky hands, moisturized faces and many stinky candle scents in our noses, and it was all a hoot. I ended up with some lotions for me and Q and a 3-wick candle, although I'll get some more once people put their orderes in. (If anyone wants anything let me know - the party books will be open until Sunday.) Many thanks to galtine1 for bring her PartyLite wares and tinyhand for showing us how to make ourselves more beautiful! And thanks to mike14780, fernanb, nolly, buddykat, samuraimeg and Bill for coming - I hope everyone had fun! (I know I did - I can't believe we were there kibbitzing until 11!) Maybe I'll do another one in the fall for Christmas for those who couldn't make it (and really, we did have a good time).

Other than that, it's been a boring week so far - work, work, some City of Heroes Monday night, and gaming tonight. Nothing much else planned for the week, which is good.

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