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My week and weekend

A mostly uneventful week and weekend; to wit:

  • Got my hair cut and highlighted Tuesday night
  • Gaming Wednesday night
  • Darkstar dinner at UTC Thursday night
  • Crashed after work Friday night, with a short break to chat with dracut
  • Tea and an unexpected free dinner Saturday night with LYC
  • Dinner at Fuddrucker's tonight
  • Much sloth in general this weekend, mostly sleeping and City of Heroes (the first time I've been able to play in 2 weeks!)
The highlight of the weekend was Q waking me up Saturday morning (er, afternoon). I hadn't heard from him since Monday and was starting to get worried, but turns out he had a little vacation in Kurdistan, and since the Kurds are amazingly pro-American, he said it was heaven. He actually said it was like visiting the Philippines, and he had a great time. I'm glad he was able to get a couple days to relax. Otherwise he's fine, thankfully.

That's it. Bedtime.

Oh, one last thing. Kevin and I were screwing around with the new hero and costume options in the latest CoH update and I created the tallest and skinniest woman I could, then gave her the biggest boobs I could. I present to you, The Buxom Babe!

The boys all love me. :D

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