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My trip home

Stayed late at work on Thursday making sure everything was caught up before I left, getting home in just enough time to pack and wait for Yudi to come pick me up (late, of course, as was I) and take me to the airport. My flight left at 11:00 pm, and I purposely wanted to try a red-eye to see how well I took to it.

When I got to the airport I took a Tylenol PM. Usually two will knock me out but leave me fuzzy all the next day, but I figured since I had a connection to make I didn't want to be too out of it so I only took 1, plus I can usually fall asleep on a plane but it's somewhat difficult, so I figured a little nudge would be all I needed. Fortunately, it worked great - I did sleep on both legs of the flight, didn't miss my connection, and although I didn't get as much sleep as I could have, I landed around 9:30 am Friday and had a lovely day without having to take a nap or anything.

So Friday Mom and I went shopping, and then that night Lee picked me up and we met up with Tommy and Jen for dinner at Bertucci's in Bryn Mawr, followed by dessert at Cosi and porn at TLA Video. I ended up staying up too late, but I figured it was that whole west coast time thing. :)

Saturday Mom and I went food shopping (the joke being I paid for dinner, but she still had to cook it on Sunday), then stopped off at Grandmom's (she was surprised to see me), and then hit Elliott's for a quick dinner. Afterwards Lee, Tommy and Jason came over to the house to hang out, and we ended up watching Die, Mommie, Die!, a very campy little black-ish comedy with Charles Busch in the lead.

Sunday Lynda, Susan and all the kids came down and we did some projects for Mom - raked the yard, cut the lawn, cleaned up outside, and I replaced the strands of lights on the ceiling of the porch a squirrel chewed through over the winter. Mom made her famous pot-au-feu for which I finally got the recipe. It was good to see the kids, especially David who just finished his freshman year at Shippensburgh. Ugh! I'm so old.

Monday I took care of a couple more little things, then Mom took me to the airport around 4:00 pm and I was home around 11:30 pm. adventdragon picked me up despite having to get up for work at 4:00 am the next morning, so he may partake of some - but certainly not all - of the big box of Tastykakes I brought back.

So a faboo weekend of seeing Mom and the kids and such. Quite fun.

Edited to add: Forgot to mention that when I got home Monday night the paper lamps akirashima made for me had arrived - yay! He even sent me the one I ordered plus a cute little yellow one - squee!

Yesterday it was back to work, and fortunately nothing fell apart while I was gone, plus it should be a quiet week. Last night I got my hair cut and highlighted again, and I'm trying new product to give it a little more shine.

Otherwise I've been quite busy the last couple of weeks with Gaylactic Network issues, especially working with drewan and boywhocantsayno to get the website back up and running (finally), plus elections are due, like, now and other miscellaneous items. I feel like I'm making progress, although it probably doesn't readily show to those not directly working on things. Hopefully all this means continued success for the Network and G'con by extension.

Finally, today would have been Dad's 78th birthday. Happy birthday, you goofy old guy. We miss ya.

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