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Lazy days...

Honestly, I didn't mean to go shoe shopping with my boss and co-workers on Friday. Really. It just kind of... happened.

That and the fact that we had a goodbye breakfast, the aforementioned shoe shopping spree, a long lunch, and then set-up for and enjoying of another going away wine & cheese at the end of the day made for a decidedly unproductive day. I then followed up with a fun-filled but unproductive evening of dinner and Hellbent with minotaurs et al. for his birthday. Happy birthday! I hope the homo text (vs. subtext) gives you slash material for ages! HAR HAR HAR! Dork.

I continued the laziness, only-having-fun trend by doing just about the same today - slept in late, went to tea (with games!) and dinner with the boys, then City of Heroes with Myke and Kevin until the lag caused me to get a headache. No doubt similar plans will follow for tomorrow.

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