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Talk to strangers whenever you get the chance!

You know they say not to talk to strangers, but I didn't listen. I just met an NPC named 0.00 mi and he told me I'd spent a total of 93 hours in Paragon City. Another NPC told me I had visitied Paragon City 42 times. See? Talking to strangers is informative. :)

Tonight was a hella great night.

First, I managed to actually be online at the same time as some very good friends (adventdragon, writethewrongs, Kevin), and we all teamed together for several missions with some other folks, and we all made a really great team.

Of course after playing I think 5 missions we all levelled, including me - to level 20 baby! And it was right at the end of our last mission before we all fell over asleep on our keyboards. I started the cape mission, but need to finish it tomorrow. I'm also looking forward to getting an alternate costume!

Also during the missions I managed to acquire 5 new badges:

  1. Keeper of Peace (trained up to level 20)
  2. Tough (took 100K of damage)
  3. Advisor (sidekicked someone for 8 hours)
  4. Gearsmasher (defeated 100 Gears)
  5. Regenerator (defeated 100 Ogres/Caliban)
That brings my total badges to 49, which means one more and I'll get the Explorer badge, too. :)

All in all, a good day of gaming that offset the fact that I had to break in the afternoon to go drop $575 on my car for repairs.

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