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Interesting weekend...

Friday night - did some laundry, relaxed a bit, chatted with folks online, ended up meeting up with Matt.

Saturday - slept in, went to coffee and dinner with LYC and my friend Joey who was down for the weekend from the bay area with his friend John. I dropped him off at the place he was staying after dinner, and we were talking about doing something later, but they decided to go to Montage, which is so where I don't want to go. Ended up hanging out with Robbie.

Sunday - Met up with Joey and John and their friends Hao and Chris at UTC, then hung out at David's Coffeehouse, then dinner at Hamburger Mary's with all of them plus Frank (cute!) and Arthur (?). After dinner we hung out for a short while at Kicker's, then we chatted for a while and I dropped him back off at Hao's (he had to leave quite early Monday morning).

Daniel put his foot in his mouth again by not only comparing Robbie to another lover, but dissing his performance as well. He called me for advice, which was to own up to being a jerk, apologize, and promise never to do it again. Robbie's still pissed, and Daniel's playing the dual "I always seem to be a jerk to him so maybe I should just cut and run" and "I have to be myself and won't walk on eggshells around him so maybe I should cut and run" cards. God that pisses me off. Sometimes he just does not know what friendship means. I think he and I need to have an ate/nene dinner soon.

Also had a reminder of why I don't do "the scene" on Sunday while eating at Mary's and hanging out at Kicker's. Now, I'm not saying they are all necessarily like this, but the overwhelming vibe I got from the crowd (and it was quite crowded) was a bunch of club boys who care more about the labels on their underwear and who's on the A-list than what's in their heads. I was just about ignored by Hao and Arthur, them being Pretty Boys and me being A Nobody. (Thankfully Chris, John and Frank were not like that at all, plus John used to be a CM at Disneyland so we had lots to talk about.) If I saw one more Abercrombie & Fitch shirt I swear I was going to take a hostage. It just reminded me that there are so many ways to "be gay," and I'm glad I've found my own path (and have found friends that are just as unique).

Got training on Wednesday, a luncheon on Thursday, my boss is out Friday, Yudi comes home Friday night, I can either go to a show Saturday night or go to Disneyland with Shaun and Chad, and Sunday is Mother's Day, my father and Steve's birthdays, and the LYC pot luck. Wheee!

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