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Oh thank goodness he finally called. :)

Looks like MCI was having problems overseas, but now it's all back together. We've been sending e-mails back and forth this week, so at least we had something. They've also been having water problems, but they should be fixed soon. His class is back from their 2 weeks off, so he's back to teaching for the next couple of weeks. He's good, still in one piece, and I miss him. But he called! :D

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    Wed, 12:07: Gone. Finished. Done. Good riddance. BUH-BYE, #loser. 🤣

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    Wed, 22:34: #invokethe25th

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    Sun, 04:40: @ dominos this is the square cut I asked for? If you're going to ignore the special requests field on the app, remove it. (And…

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