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I couldn't resist

I'm sure it's been done before, but I wanted to do it on my own, so here for your amusement is my new City of Heroes character, Fantasy Man!

There are no colors that match exactly between realistic skin tones (i.e., not black, purple, neon orange, etc.) and costume color choices, but I think these colors match pretty darn close (if you could see his bare feet you'd see they don't quite match his upper legs), and they give him that wonderful fake tan look. Topped with the blond hair and that "come hither" gleam in his eye, well, what can I say? He is, indeed, a Californian Fantasy Man! And although I should be ashamed to admit it, I spent time, er, "researching" on the Chippendales website, but the name "The Chippendale" was already taken. ;)

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