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International intrigue!

Lawdy, lawdy, how do I get involved in these things?

As some of you may know, I help run a social club for Asian & non-Asian gay men here in San Diego. We are one chapter of an international organization. About a year ago another chapter started up in Palm Springs, and we're sort of sister groups - we helped them a lot when they started off, and they've come to us for advice.

Well it seems one of their members decided he didn't like how things were run, and although on the surface he tried to solve the problem, he seems a bit impatient, and instead of waiting to see how his suggestions might be enacted, he went and complained to the founder of the international group. He, in turn, contacted me, as I'm the only person he knows that knows the Palm Springs chapter and its members and might be a neutral third party, so I get to mediate. Whee. Just had a long chat with the current president, and tomorrow I get to have a long chat with the complainer, and then see if I can get them to sit down together to solve the problem.

This can only end in tears!

Wish me luck.

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