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You CoHers will understand

Some lvl 38 with nothing better to do just gave 300,000 influence to PastyPaleWhtBoy, a lowly lvl 5. I love cooperative games. :) (And thanks to urban_bohemianBrian for doing the same thing the other night - it helped a LOT. :D


Mar. 22nd, 2005 05:35 pm (UTC)
I love when that happens...!

A friend's 20+-levels-higher-than-me character keeps dumping influence (and last night, 8 SOs I couldn't access yet) on my main toon, with the understanding that someday I will return the favor to one of his lower-level alts. Is muchly cool! Can't wait to try out my newly triple-SOed AoE accuracy debuff power. Think you can hit me, villain? Think again! Muahaha!
Mar. 22nd, 2005 06:21 pm (UTC)
SO? AoE? I'm still learning the lingo...
Mar. 22nd, 2005 07:06 pm (UTC)
Way too long answer part 1
Sowwy! AoE is old D&D-er talk for Area of Effect. As in, a power that effects everyone in an area.

SO...um...let me 'splain. I'll start at the beginning 'cause I don't know how much of this you might already know...

The enhancements you get at first are called Trainers. They enhance your powers a little bit. Starting at level 12, you can enter shops (specific to your character origin) where you can go and buy Dual Origin (DO) enhancements. (You will start having villains drop them when you defeat them, too.) DOs give a bigger boost than a Trainer. You have to wait for level 12 to use them, because you can't use an enhancement that's more than 3 levels higher than you are, and the lowest DOs are 15s. They are the same categories as the trainers (i.e., endurance reduction, enhance damage, etc.). However, they are called Dual Origin because each one will list 2 character origins that can use it; other origins can't use that particular DO.

For example, you might find an Endurance Reduction enhancement that works for science or technology origins only. Or you might find one that works for mutant or magic only. You can combine them like trainers, but you can't combine them *with* trainers.

One down side is that you won't find DOs for some things -- usually the more esoteric or powerful enhancements -- and will still have to use trainers for those.

You can get SOs at level 22, because the lowest power SOs are 25s. They are at the same stores as the DOs, but cost a lot more! (Around this time I believe you will find you can get DOs of the enhancements that weren't available before; but you won't be able to get SOs of them yet.) SOs give an even bigger boost to a power than DOs! However, each one works for only one type of origin. So you might find an Enhance ToHit Buff that only works for magic origin, or only for science, etc. You can combine SOs, but you can't combine them with DOs or trainers.
Mar. 22nd, 2005 07:07 pm (UTC)
I learned last night that there are special contacts scattered about whom you can go to at level 30. These contacts can sell you SOs for those esoteric/powerful enhancements that weren't available before.

I was thrilled my friend got those 8 SOs for me, because I am only level 27. Which means I could use them (they are 30s, so I'm within 3 levels and can use them), but I can't buy them myself yet, because I can't get the quest to earn the ability to buy them until I hit level 30.

Sometimes it's a really good thing to have a friend who was in the beta and likes analyzing every detail of a game...!

He also advises considering not buying DOs (or only buying a few) and just saving up your influence for that massive "replace all enhancements with SOs" shopping trip you will want to take at level 22...

He also recommends waiting until you are one level past the minimum requirements to upgrade DOs or SOs (don't wait to upgrade from trainers to DOs, if you chose to, or from DOs to SOs). F'rinstance, if I wait till I'm level 28 to go to the store and blow my wad on power 30 SOs to upgrade the power 25 SOs I have now, I will be able to try to combine the new 30s with the old 25s, for a potential 30+. If I were to buy those 30s now, at level 27, I couldn't combine any of them, because 30+ = 31 = 4 levels higher than me, so I would have to replace them all instead. You get more bang for you buck if you wait a level and combine them to get 30+.

ALSO, if you get DOs or SOs you can't use (from villains dropping them, or random people giving them to you as charity), you should try to sell them in the shop matching the origin. For example, I would go to the Technology origin shop to sell some Tech origin SOs, which I can't use, and some Tech or Science DOs, which I also can't use. Then I would hop on over to the Magic origin shop (my toon's origin) and use the money I had must made to buy an SO or DO that I can use. If I was really feeling greedy, I would also go to the Freedom Corps shop to sell off Trainers I had found and didn't want. Freedom Corps only sells trainers (of all levels), so origin doesn't matter there.

I suggest Googling on "vidiot map" and finding their in-game downloadable maps. These will show you where all the shops of each type are (there aren't any in the lower level areas). They will also show you where all the exploration badge and history badge plaques are, and the paths in Perez Park! The greatest part being you can download them so they show up live in the game exactly like the original (and not so informative) maps.

And gee I hope this made some sort of sense! Sorry to run on...
Mar. 22nd, 2005 08:57 pm (UTC)
Very informative, thank you. And I already have a spreadsheet adapted from a list of badges and plaques that I got here. Whenever I get bored I go badge hunting. :)

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