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To one of my co-workers this morning:

OK, lady, we've been in this new office for a year now, and we have NEVER had sugar or cream for your coffee. In fact, the only reason we HAVE coffee is because a group of people in the office (not including you, I notice) decided to all chip in and buy it, and other people (not including you, I notice) make it when it runs out. And yet you still manage to come in, pour yourself a cup of coffee, make a HUGE MESS of everything you touch (when you rinse out your mug, WIPE DOWN THE COUNTER you fucking moron), and rummage around (making more of a mess), loudly saying, "Huh, guess we're out of sugar. Oh, well - I'll just steal someone else's cream here in the fridge that is clearly labelled with their name."

You're supposed to be one of our older, respected, long-term employees that we look up to, but your behavior is just infantile. I really, really don't like you.

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