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This wasn't SUPPOSED to be another boring Friday night

Wow, this would have been a fabulous night of playing City of Heroes...

Except for the fact that it seems something is up with our ISP and it is taking HOURS AND HOURS for the CoH updates to download before I can play. Literally when I started downloading it said it would take 8 hours. It hasn't taken that long, but it's 11:45 and I started this after I got off the phone from my mother, which I think was around 4 hours ago, and according to the download meter it's going to take another (estimated) two hours and 45 minutes.

So much for my first night gaming with urban_bohemian. :(

Oh, well - in lieu of that I had a long conversation with Quincy, then Mom, I'm doing laundry, I did some dishes, and now I'm going to put together my new computer desk. Maybe by the time I go to bed it'll be done so I can play tomorrow.

I'm not holding my breath.

Edited to add: At least PlayNC got my account straightened out and gave me the credit for the pre-order account, which means I get a streak effect while I run. Not a huge deal, but I figured I paid the $10 way back when, I might as well get the benefit. Now my account is brand new, no characters, so I'll be recreating a few of my favorites soon on my own account. Yay!

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