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An update of this past week

Well, ConFurence was... interesting. :)

I left work early on Friday, then drove up with Ben, stopping for dinner and arriving in Burbank around 10:30 pm or so. Kris immediately pointed out that Darrel, the Chair, not only gave G'con a full-page ad, but did it in color for us - yay! Of course, I was then told to read the first four pages of the program book, which was the Message from the Chair, and effectively Darrel (or moreso ConFurence's) swan song - not only did he formally announce this would be the last ConFurence, but he also detailed out some of the mistakes he'd made over the years, and a few other people's as well. (Glen was joking with me that if I thought that was bad, I should have seen the first draft!) I was also the Party Maven for CF, so I went to check out the one party that was actually going on, Yiffnet (the other party, Loscon, cancelled Friday night and just had a party Saturday night). Unfortunately, the party floor was DEAD, as really was most of the con (at least Friday night), so there wasn't much of a party there. Otherwise, I spent some time catching up with people I knew, but that was about it.

Saturday I got up and set up the fan table in the dealers room. Was amused that film crews from both The Man Show and Jimmy Kimmel's show were both there, despite Darrel's previous stance of "no unflattering media" (as this is his last CF, perhaps he just doesn't care anymore). Around 5:30 Tom took me and Ben out to dinner at Outback, then a quick stop at the grocery store, then I came back to the hotel to set up for the room party. The party started at 9:00, which was supposed to be when the Cabaret started, but evidently some of the body painters (and this seems to be a furry thing) had to go all the way to Anaheim to get done up, then come back, get touched up, and then perform (why, I have no idea). Bottom line was that the Cabaret didn't start until about 10:15, and including the intermission, didn't end until after 2:00 am. Needless to say, I got a bunch of folks at 9:00, then a slow trickle to almost nothing - until the Cabaret let out (of course Darrel also went down and announced towards the end of the Cabaret that there were parties still going on on the party floor, which was G'con and Loscon). I finally kicked folks out at 4:00 am, but it was a pretty good party (gave away all five dozen rainbow leis), and the Hawaiian theme worked ok (I need to get some Hawaiian music).

Got up Sunday, packed up, and left around 1:30ish. On the way I got a call from Mark, Chris and Shaun that they were heading down as well and wanted to get together for food before the G'con staff meeting, so I said ok (I was hungry, and I knew John and Myke could find their way without me). Met them at Taste of Thai, ate, and then went to the meeting. Got a lot done (discussed a bunch of stuff), but some of my more, shall we say, "forceful personalities" clashed a little, but it's all good - I can handle them.

Didn't do much Monday - I think I watched a few episodes of "Enterprise." Tuesday I cleaned out my satchel - whoopee.

Last night was fun. A few months ago a guy I was working with (he's since moved on), Tim (who is incredibly hot) mentioned he was a part-time massage therapist, and recommended his therapist to me. Well, having had a lot of upper back and neck pain lately (no wonder my boss wants me to get my workstation ergonomically evaluated), I called saw him after work. Can't beat his prices - $25 for an hour! Still, I wasn't altogether that impressed. Yes, he knew what he was doing and I felt good afterwards (a little sore today, but that's expected), but there weren't any preliminaries, such as medical history or more information about who I was and why I was there - it was very "let's get down to business" with only the basic info. I wasn't too wild about that. I think I got spoiled by Peter - with him, it was like going to the doctor, and he spent a lot of time talking to me and working with me. This guy also didn't do any energy work, which Peter and another guy I saw here once in SD before he moved to LA, Noel, did and worked for me. Still, the price is right and he is good at what he does, so I might see him again until I find someone I'm more in tune with (I guess I got what I paid for). And who knows? Now that Tim and I aren't working together, maybe I can get him... ;)

Ben and Daniel came over for game night, and we played Carcassonne, which I'd never played before but I'm glad Myke convinced me to - much fun! I even won the second game. During the evening I got a call from Joey, a geeky, lumbering (but oh so cute) Asian guy from the Bay Area who came down last April and came to my pot luck (found LYC on the web), and I ended up spending the night with him. Turns out he's coming down this weekend, and wants to get together again - woo hoo! :D (When the cat's away and all that...)

Ben had asked about going to see Triple Espresso tonight, but I want to wait for Yudi to get back, as he wanted to see it, too.

Not much planned for the weekend - nothing Friday so far; Saturday I'm going to SLEEP IN, and then go to coffee and dinner, and Joey's coming down, so we may end up going out; and Sunday is open, too, so maybe I'll take Joey to the Zoo or the aquarium or SeaWorld or something - we'll see.

Yudi comes back next Friday, and next week I'll be getting my boss ready for a trip - at least it won't be boring! :)

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