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Expecting a new arrival soon!

Well, since the cat's out of the bag, I might as well 'fess up - I bought a new computer! w00t. It's a not-quite-the-lowest-low-end Dell, but the price was right and I souped it up so that it ought to run City of Heroes quite nicely. Many, many thanks to my big brother Joe, jsciv (the other Joe), and tdilliga for their advice (even if I didn't take it, it was still mucho helpful!).

I ordered it last week and was expecting it to be shipped yesterday, then I got an e-mail yesterday saying it would be delayed (seems the monitor wasn't in stock). But then I got an e-mail today saying it had been shipped, and they upgraded me to overnight! (I wish they'd given me a discount instead since the same machine is significantly less this week than last week, but oh well - either way I'm happy.)

On the downside I had trouble registering my pre-order copy of CoH (yes, I bought it almost a year ago and got the full copy last July, but I couldn't play it until now), so they say they have to nuke my account in order for me to get things straightened out (I get a neat special effect if they do). I had already gotten Colonel Snark and PastyPaleWhtBoy off the ground, but they're not high enough to really matter. And then I have to recreate Green Starburst and Giganticus on my own account (The Red Avenger and Black Victory I think I'll just delete and try some different things with them).

Do you think all this has anything to do with me having a dream the other night that Quincy and I were superheroes? :D
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