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User pics meme

Take a look at my LJ user pictures and respond in comments:

  1. Which icon is your favorite?
  2. Which icon should I replace?
  3. What should I replace it with?
  4. Which icon do you want to know more about?
  5. Which icon do you think "matches" me best?
Now that I actually have more than a handful of pics, and some of them are actually specific to me, I figured it would be fun to do this meme. Thanks for the idea, dragonblink.


Mar. 1st, 2005 05:41 pm (UTC)
I belong to a group called the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), which is basically a Ren Faire but we do it for fun and for ourselves (rather than for profit and for the public). Every year I go to a huge event in Pittsburgh called the Pennsic War.

In the SCA you are encouraged to choose a persona in period (600 - 1600 CE, plus the year 1650), do the research on the place and period that persona would be from, dress accordingly, etc. They also have a whole system set up, called the College of Heralds, to register your name (so it'll always be uniquely yours) and a device, or coat of arms. Very strict rules on the look and layout of your device, but that's mine - a cow on a blue field over a blue feather on a white field.

The blue feather is for Clan Blue Feather, which is the LGBT household in the SCA. I run the camp at Pennsic, plus a big bash we have, the Blue Feather Ball. Much fun. :) The cow is a long-running joke I've had at Pennsic - at like my 2nd one (this year will be my sweet 16th, I believe) my uncle decided to throw a cow-themed party, so we all made cow-themed garb. Unfortunately it turned out to be the nicest piece of garb I owned at the time, so I wore it often enough that it got associated with me, and thus the joke was born. I now am required to wear it once per Pennsic so everyone can have a good laugh. At first I embraced the schtick, but I must admit that after 15 years it's grown wearisome. Sadly, I didn't learn this lesson before I finally got around to registering my device about 5 years ago or so, so now I'm kind of stuck with it (or at least until I decide to come up with another device, but it's a difficult process and takes a long time). So for the moment... well, there it is. Moo. :)

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