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Quite a bit to update!

Well, let's get cracking:

Thursday - Yudi's birthday! Left work a couple hours early, drove all the way to North County Fair to get Yudi a Transformers t-shirt, then home to change, then on my way to dinner stopped at Wal-Mart to get the Transformers movie for him (needed it on VHS). Had dinner at his favorite restaurant, Lotus Thai, with him, Hoai, Jeff, Pete, Wen, Ralph, Dominque, Ken, Eugene, Greg, Pat and Johnny. Afterwards we stopped by the Brass Rail for Latino night, but it was dead, so we went to Bacchus House instead for the wet underwear contest. Although we couldn't get Yudi to strip (he wasn't drunk enough, but he would have won the $125), I did manage to let it slip that it was his birthday, so the drag queen MC got him up and we all got to spank him three times each with a large belt for a total of 28 times (plus one to grow on). And he got free porn for it and a free shot, too, PLUS got to pour water over one of the contestants. He loved it. :)

Friday - Cleaned! Yudi came over about 9:00, but me, Michael and John were working hard to get the place in order (and did a right fine job of it, too).

Saturday - Cleaned more! Actually, went shopping for cleaning needs, then went to coffee and dinner, then came home and cleaned. Sadly, Paul almost scared off a new member (white guy, oddly enough, and a friend of Yudi's) by hitting on him. Yudi's irked, and I think the Executive Committee may have to have another chat with him. Blah.

Sunday - Pot luck! Fortunately Yudi and Peter helped a lot, and just in time. We had about 25 people over for the LYC pot luck, and it was a smash. Yudi did an easter egg hunt, and Ed from GAMNET won an M&M's Easter basket with bunny ears. We also had an Easter bonnet contest, and Greg won a gift certificate to Obelisk with some beanie babies and stuff glued to a straw hat. I called 8 games of bingo for porn (couple other prizes, too, like coffee and Millbourne), and I think everyone had more fun than they thought they would. Food was great (too many desserts!), everyone left full and happy. I also had just purchased a foor sealer (been wanting one for quite some time), but Pete gave me his since he never uses it, so I get to take the new one back (his was better anyway). Just need to find the right spot in the kitchen for it (things are getting crowded, what with all the new acquisitions the boys have made recently - rice machine, bread machine, etc.).

Monday - Put off jury duty from Thursday to today, and it was my first time. Interesting experience. Parked at Hazard Center and took the trolley downtown, got there at 7:45, got the intro and explanation chat, and then waited for my name to be called. Had two hours for lunch (popped over to Horton Plaza since I was already downtown), came back, and they said there were only a couple more courts looking for juries - so of course I got called into the last one. :( Out of the 36 they sent to the court, they choose 20 at random to sit in the jury box, and they get asked all the basic questions while we in the audience listen to in case one of those 20 gets rejected (either by the judge right off the bat or by one of the attorneys during their questioning phase), and one of us gets called to replace them. We were also told it was an animal neglect case (starvation/malnourishment, not abuse), which, after much consideration, I decided that if I were called I didn't think I'd be able to render a fair judgement if I saw pictures of the dogs - I think it would upset me too much, since I both love animals and I'm squeamish anyways. Unfortunately, by 4:30 we had just finished that part, so we had to go back Tuesday. Got home around 5:30 and managed to squeeze in 3 old episodes of "Enterprise" that have been sitting on the TiVo since November/December, and started my laundry.

Tuesday - Took the trolley again, but didn't have to be there until 9:30. Went back to the courtroom, and this time the defense attorney and prosecutors both took turns asking specific questions of specific jurors. At that point 3 jurors had been dismissed by the judge, but I hadn't been called to replace any of them, so I was still sitting in the audience. After all that was done, the attorneys had the opportunity to dismiss jurors at their discretion without cause, and even after that, they still were able to excuse the last person because they had 12 plus an alternate. So, educational, but I didn't have to actually serve - this time (I'm up again no sooner than a year from now). Got home around 1:00ish, made lunch, watched some TV, cleaned up more from the party (the house, fortunately, remains clean).

Wow, what an exciting life, eh? ;) It's back to work tomorrow, and not much planned for this week (thankfully - need a rest after a quite hectic last week and weekend). Yudi leaves Sunday for a two-week training in NYC, and it's Confurence for me, then a G'con meeting Sunday.

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