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The week with Quincy in review

Picking up from where I left off last week...

Monday was fun. We drove into Waldorf, and he picked up his comics. Then we went to the mall and I ended up buying clothes (at least they were on sale). We ended up having to drive almost all the way into DC to see a movie, where we ate something quick at TGI Friday's and saw The Wedding Date with Debra Messing (as Quincy says, we have to support Grace in everything she does). It was cute, and she was good in it. Afterwards it was a long drive back to Lexington Park. (We did a LOT of driving last week since there really isn't anything to do where he lives.)

Tuesday we got up and headed into DC to go to The International Spy Museum. NEAT-O! I really, really loved this place, mostly for the way they had it set up - as you went from area to area, each one was on a particular topic (lockpicking, concealed weaponry, specific time periods in history, etc.). Then in each area they had a widescreen flat screen TV set up (with seats!) with a short movie (anywhere from 2 to 7 minutes long) that was a general overview of the topic in that area. I thought this was a great way to jazz up a museum of any kind, it made it much more interactive and interesting, and was a good compromise between traditional "read every info card" museum people and those either trying to get more done in a day or had MTV attention spans. They also covered a very wide range of topics - it started off with the James Bond-type stuff, then moved into historical periods, including the Revolution, the Civil War, WWII, the development of the atomic bomb, breaking the Enigma code, the Vietnam war, McCarthyism, the Cold War, and a lot of the modern spy cases from the 80's and 90's, plus spies on TV and in film and celebrity spies. Then on top of that they had a separate presentation about terrorism in America throughout history, but we didn't pay the extra $5 to do that one.

I never thought I'd get into it as much as I did (although I do love the James Bond films), but between the interesting and varied exhibits plus the short films everywhere, it really rocked my socks. The brochures said the average visitor is there two hours, but we got there at 3:00 and they had to kick us out when they closed at 6:00 and we still had a couple more exhibits to see! It's not part of the Smithsonian system so it's $14 to get in, but it's totally worth the money!

Afterwards we headed into Dupont, had Thai food, did a little shopping (I finally got to go into the HRC store that he loves so much), and headed back home.

Wednesday we got up (late, of course) and headed up to Philadelphia to see my family and friends. When we got there my mom's friends Marlene and William were already there, and soon my good sister and her kids arrived. Mom made a totally delicious pot roast dinner for us. My niece not only gave Quincy two Valentine's (none for Uncle Alan, though!), but her class wants to adopt him (they're doing the whole "adopt a servicemember" thing). My evil sister was sick, but called to wish him well. Right around the time that whole crowd was leaving my friends started to arrive in waves (one would arrive while the one before was leaving) - first Tommy and Jason (they were the only ones to stay through to the end), then Pam, Bryan and the baby, then Steve and Chris, then Penni (suba_al_hadid) and her kids (who were kind enough to sell us Girl Scout cookies - yay!), and finally Lee. It was so good to see everyone, and I like the fact that they all want to support Quincy in any way they can. I love you guys! :)

We stayed overnight at Mom's (no "zug-zug" that night, as pansyfilmmaker would say), had breakfast Thursday morning, and headed back to Maryland. We were going to stop in Baltimore and have lunch with gingy and weirddave but Mom kept us a while so we were running late (sorry guys!). The MCC group was having a group dinner and discussion, so we picked up Quincy's new queer buddy Stephen, had a snack at Chik-Fil-A (YUM!), and headed over to Beth's. Originally they were going to have a bible study, but with new people there we overrode the minister and decided to just sit and chat and dish. They were actually asking me and Stephen about UUism, told us not to let ourselves get stolen by the UUs and never come back to see them, and then they adopted me as their mascot. :D Very nice people. We headed back to base, dropped off Stephen, and watched Alien Versus Predator at Q's, which I enjoyed.

Friday we headed up to Arundel Mills Outlet Mall just south of Baltimore and did some shopping (at least this time he bought something, too, instead of just me). While shopping we stopped in a music store and I noticed the cast album to Avenue Q, which I've heard many people say great things about (including notwithoutrage), so since I could listen to samples I did... and was cracking up by the end of it, so I bought it. Good choice on my part. :)

So for dinner we had a fabulous time at Medieval Times, which is actually part of the mall. It was a hoot! Veggie soup, eat with your hands, chicken and ribs, the whole nine yards. I got Quincy a big-ass margarita, so needless to say by the time dinner rolled around he was shouting for our knight ("Green Knight! Green Knight! Green Knight!") until he was hoarse! It was great fun, made even more fun by the fact that I knew the emcee! Turns out my friend Gryphon from Pennsic was playing the King's Chancellor, which he used to do up in the NY/NJ Medieval Times but when they opened the one in Baltimore he transferred down there. We met up after the show and took pictures and chatted.

(Funny story about Gryphon - one year at Pennsic way back when I could actually wear white tights I had this great Italian Renaissance outfit and wanted to wear it when I hosted the Blue Feather Ball. I was also looking for schtick to go with it but couldn't think of anything. A few days before the Ball was Vlad's annual slave auction, and Gryphon put himself up on the block. I knew him and the rest of Clan Timberwolfe [or is he Kindred of the Wolf? I forget.], so as a joke I bid on him and won. His reaction was classic, but he took it all in stride. For his duty, then, he showed up at the Ball wearing nothing but boots, leather hot pants and bracers. [For the record he's totally straight, but he's also a big, buff, long-haired hot guy.] So he picks me up and perches me on one shoulder, and that's how I make my entrance to the Ball. The place went nuts while I sat there and fanned myself with my big blue feather fan. When it finally died down I tapped him on the head and said, "Down!" He stood behind me for the rest of the opening bit with his arms crossed. It was classic, and I'm sure some people reading this remember it well.)

So on the way home we popped Avenue Q into the CD player, and the two of us were laughing the whole way home. We even found our theme song in there, but I'll leave it to those who know the show to make a guess as to which it is. :) When we got home we watched a really great movie called Touch of Pink about an Indian gay guy whose mother wants to know why he's not married yet, so she comes to visit him in London. His lover has to deal with it, he comes out to her, she goes home to Canada, he decides to go back for his counsin's wedding, Mom comes around, yadda yadda yadda. Cute movie (the mother and the aunt totally steal the show), great quotable lines ("I'm not tense - I'm just terribly, terribly alert!"), and oddly enough Kyle MccLachlan as the spirit of Cary Grant (and he does an eerily good imitation, too). I'd like to add it to my collection.

Saturday we got up and headed to Leesburg, Virginia to meet Quincy's friend (and first boyfriend!) Edward. We went out to Red Hot & Blue, a BBQ restaurant, and then rented and watched a couple of movies (Trembling Before G-d about gay Orthodox and Hasidic Jews and The 24th Day about a guy who keeps a trick captive to discover the truth), and we stayed overnight at Edward's (Q was thinking that he lives close to Dulles airport so it would be easy to get me there on Sunday, but I flew into National instead, but it all worked out). Edward's a really nice guy and seems to be a good friend for Quincy. I also noted he was a talker like me - Quincy seems to be cursed. :D

On Sunday we got up, had breakfast at IHOP, and since we had time to kill we went antiquing to some local places Edward knew of (he ended up buying a bureau and nightstand set at a really good price). Then we went to the airport, hung out until I had to go, and I had to say goodbye to Quincy for the next 6 months. :( I really, really, really wish I could be there when he actually leaves, but we had such a great week together I think it'll be alright.

So this week it was back to reality. Monday was work, and lo and behold Ebonye actually came back! After all these months her FMLA finally gave out and she had to come back to work. It didn't last, though - at the end of the day she turned in her notice. :) Other than that it was a day of catching up from my week off. the_bigbadwolf stopped by that night and I told him and jkusters all about my week with Q.

Nothing special on Tuesday, and last night we had gaming. paranoyd made up a new game so some folks play-tested it, and I ended up playing Acquire (which I lost), Carcassonne (which I also lost), and a few rounds of Fluxx, during which I made a new keeper (The Holocaust!) and a new goal (minotaurs choking, being a combination of The Holocaust and any food keeper). If you don't understand, ask minotaurs. :D

So here we are on Thursday. Nothing much so far today, except a little office gossip. I may take a nice walk at lunch if I'm up to it. :) Nothing much going on this week either. I was thinking about going to Gallifrey in LA but I'm so tired and I think I'd just like to rest and enjoy the long weekend (I get Monday off). I may send up my old hardcover copy of The Doctor Who Technical Manual for someone to get a few new signatures on (I've already got many Doctor and companion autographs, including Jon Nathan-Turner who passed away a couple of years ago, so it would be nice to get the Brigadier's, too).

So there's your update! :P

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