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I'm leavin' in the mornin'...

9:00 pm. I'd hoped to be packed by now to go to bed and try to get a full night's sleep, but I'm waiting on another load of laundry - then I'll be done. I think I can squeeze in one game of Five Crowns with Daniel and Tri. :) The shuttle arrives at 5:10 am, my flight leaves at 7:30 am, and I get into DC around 4:50 pm. No huge plans for the week yet, except filling out some legal paperwork and possibly a day trip to Philly to see my family and friends (I'll call you guys to find a day that works so we can meet up to hang out).

I'll have internet access at Q's so I'll try to update from time to time. If not, see ya on Valentine's Day. :)

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