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Well, since Something Positive was a hit, I'll list a couple other online comics I read:

* Boy Meets Boy - "Like the odd couple, only sexier." Mik & Harley are a mismatched pair of boys in love, but they're highly entertaining and the artwork is anime-esque.

* PvP - A wacky bunch that works at a gaming magazine. Brent uses a Mac (and sometimes gets attacked by the giant panda), Francis is a teenager, Cole is the boss, and Skull is... well... Skull.

* Sinfest - Calvin & Hobbes meets Shaft. "I'm gonna sex you up SLICKY STYLE!" Bizarre, but amusing. I live for Percival & Pooch strips.

* Dork Tower - A must for all gamers. As Igor would say when a new game comes out (no matter how expensive, and whether or not he actually plays that gaming system), "It MUST be MINE!" Lots of great Star Trek, Lord of the Ring and Babylon 5 references.

* weebl and bob - Um, just... weird. But hypnotic.

* Sexy Losers - One of my favorites. Can't get more wrong than this - one guy only dates dead girls, one guy is determined to fuck the woman of his dreams, one guy masturbates with his sister, and a bukkake star. Fun for the whole family!

* Adam & Andy - Two big buff boys in love. Not the most amusing thing I've ever read, but an easy to read and lighthearted comic.

* It's Walky! - I still don't get all the storylines, but I haven't gotten to read the entire run of the strip yet. Walky's cute, though. ;)

* Real Life - Just found this one. Another group of dysfunctional geeky friends. (Why is it I relate to them best?)

I think out of the lot, Sexy Losers and PvP are my favorites, but I read them all almost nightly before I head to bed.

More soon.

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