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whateverfaggot's revenge!

Uh-oh! drewan and agile1985, you'd better watch out - looks like your "free esprix" campaign is gonna get you in trouble! Mean old mod talkshowgogoboy doesn't care for dissent or discussion and will CRUSH your REBELLIOUS SPIRIT under his BOOTHEEL!

Oy. What a maroon.

By the way, I did make a response to him in the thread but he deleted it after he banned me. I basically said that I appreciate that he can run his own community any way he sees fit, but I don't understand what he's getting himself all worked up over. He makes a flippant comment that wasn't much advice at all, someone calls him on it, and he attacks them, and then when someone gives him advice - i.e., give all your experiences so people know where you're coming from, and don't attack those who call you on crappy advice - they get banned. WTF? It's supposed to be a brutal advice journal, and yet when someone calls him on breaking his own rules, he bans someone else for breaking them instead.

I appreciate the gestures, folks, but I fear he's way, way too worked up to see reason. Meh. Whatever, faggot! :D

Edited to add: Looks like he's frozen all replies to that entry now. THERE WILL BE NO DISSENT, FAGGOTS!

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