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The weekend in review

I realize I haven't been updating the tantalizing tidbits of my mundane life lately, but c'est la vie (or lack of posting about thereof). So I'll just pick up from here, then, shall I? Yes, let's!

Friday was an odd day. As soon as I got into work I had a feeling that things were not going to go well, but I trundled on and even managed to finish every task given to me this week (aside from stuff that's never done, like filing and such). Evidently, that was the rub - in the afternoon AMB called me into what I thought was our weekly one-on-one, but she used it as an opportunity to "discuss my performance."

Evidently she feels I haven't shown the proper amount of urgency to my work lately, so she is relying on the old maxim (a maxim, by the way, I'd never heard of before Friday), "If you want something done, ask a busy person." More accurately, because my workload has been light since we got back from the holidays (which it has), she feels that my not being busy enough has made me lacksadaisical, so she has decided to add more to it; therefore, going forward, I'm going to now directly support both her and RMM, the Associate Director.

Frankly, this is fine by me - it's not difficult work, and I enjoy it. I was just rather surprised that she took this particular way about getting to the point, especially considering after she said that I rattled off my week's work, which was basically everything she told me to do this week; basically, if all my work is done, how is it she thinks I'm not getting work done?

It comes down to the fact that she gets into these moods where everything must be NOW NOW NOW, despite the fact that (a) it's impossible to work that way, and (b) everything does not have to be done now, she just assumes it does and treats it that way, which is very annoying to those of us that know better. I mean, really - I've been doing this job for 3 years, I think I know what's important and what's not, and I think I know how to prioritize my own workload.

Still, who am I to question my superiors, I suppose, so I will gladly take on a little extra work from RMM (who is, admittedly, a little swamped since our woebegone 4th teammate is still AWOL and last word is will be until at least February 14, although I was informed this morning that I may have the unenviable task of going to pick up her company laptop which she took with her when she went on leave, which says to me that if we're doing that now, several weeks after the fact, that she won't be coming back at all). She and I are meeting today to discuss.

Of course it actually helped matters that LJ was down starting around 1:45 or so, but I was actually getting work done so I didn't notice until I got home. I did survive, but rather like when the SDMB used to go down, I got the shakes a little. Q called and comforted me on both fronts and let me rant about life and stuff. Such a wonderful Q he is. (We also had a chat about why he's been so grumpy and irritable this week, and it turns out it's 'cause he misses me. Aw. What a cutie.)

I was also glad to receive China Mountain Zhang that I ordered on Tuesday, the first book we're reading in the SDQSF book club. Frankly I was only going to go to show support, but this sounds like a great book, I have a little more free time to read these days, and the second book is The Lion, The Witch and the Virtual Corpse by my friend Keith Hartman and I've been wanting to read it forever so now I have a good excuse. (I bought that and "Ultimate Manilow" - please don't hate me.)

Saturday I slept in, went to LYC tea and dinner at Mandarin Dynasty (they love us there), and just came home and watched TV and stayed up too late on the computer, as usual. Quincy's fag hag Bobbie from New York came into town, so they spent the weekend out carousing and clubbing and such. I also think he's got a new queer friend on base, but he's being coy about the details. I'm sure he'll fill me in soon, right, honey? :P

Sunday I got up and met someone from Freecylce who gave me a set of bed lifts - yay! (I was supposed to pick them up Friday at lunch but was busy.) Now I'll have a little more room under my bed, and I like the raised feeling (Q has them for his bed and I rather liked being a little higher up for some reason). I came home, had breakfast, and sat in on the Conjecture staff meeting at our house and helped generate some programming ideas, which was fun. I also finally got around to repacking my Christmas decorations into a new storage tub, but didn't finish yet. Blah.

Monday I had off for MLK day and was thinking of calling dracut to do the second half of our G'con wrap-up, but I got up late and it sounds like he was busy enough as it was. I took advantage of some of the sunlight (I know, scary for me) to repack some more of my stuff in the garage into plastic tubs. Target had their "Christmas storage tubs" on clearance, but since the only difference between them and regular ones is that they're green and red, I got a few. Almost all of the stuff I have in the garage is in cardboard boxes, and we've been having a rodent problem, so I thought it would be wise to switch out paper for plastic. It's also giving me a chance to go through stuff I haven't even really looked at in four years to throw some of it away, take out what I actually need, and consolidate so I don't take up as much room. Seems like a good plan.

After the sun went down minotaurs and I went out to dinner at Hillcrest Cafe, got some chantico at Starbuck's, and went on the hunt for the Grocery Guy of Ultimate (Unbearable?) Hotness at the Albertsons who was, alas, AWOL, but at least I got some shopping done (including the lettuce that Stuart uses in his salads that I love). Then we chatted about geeky things, he gave me some slash (curse him!), I came home, fiddled about on the computer, and went to bed.

Now I'm at work. AMB went home sick. I may be running the monthly birthday breakfast. And urban_bohemian comes into town tomorrow. Whee!

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