Esprix (esprix) wrote,

An open letter to a fellow LJer:

To graffiti_sucks:

I am utterly appalled at how callous, rude and disrespectful you were in wolfmoon98's LJ. Yes the war is unnecessary. Yes we shouldn't be there. Yes this man died for nothing. But his last journal entry where literally hundreds of people came to pay their last respects is not the place to espouse your views, you insensitive jackass! I said it there and I'll say it here - do you go to people's funerals or wakes and blather on endlessly about their choices in life? If they were killed by a drunk driver do you berate every mourner with "the truth about drunk driving?" Don't you think there is a more appropriate forum or venue to fight the good fight you insist on fighting rather than the place where people have come to mourn an individual's death? There is a time and a place to right the wrongs of the world, and that isn't it.

You're a #1 grade-A first class jerk.

(I was going to take this to your journal like you said you were going to do, but now I see you [wisely] disabled non-friend comments and probably hid your e-mail address as I'm sure you're being bombarded with angry letters like mine about how fucking rude you were, which is why I posted this in my own journal. I don't blame you for hiding - you should be ashamed of your behavior.)

notwithoutrage posted about wolfmoon98's death in her LJ and I went to read it. I was moved by the replies left to his last entry, and equally appalled by the behavior of graffiti_sucks. Finding no other way to contact him, I chose to post this here. I hope he reads it.

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