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The answers!

The answers to the 4 lies meme I posted earlier:

I have bolded the FALSE statements for your edification:

  1. I have often thought about keeping a tarantula as a pet. TRUE! Believe it or not, Mr. Can't-Get-Blood-Drawn-Without-Passing-Out, Oh-Hells-No-I-Won't-Go-Near-That-Rat-Trap, Mighty-Eduardo-The-Scorpion-Hunter has very seriously considered owning a tarantula for a pet. No clue why. They're just so kyoot! :D

  2. I have been to London. FALSE! Sadly, the only other country I've visited outside the U.S. has been Canada, specifically Toronto. Although I've travelled quite a bit here in the states, I'm hoping to make it across the pond sometime, specifically to Scotland first (look out, bescincimevsimChris!), and then to some Asian countries (of which I'm sure the Philippines will be the first given my choice in life partners).

  3. I have had both of my big toes operated on numerous times. TRUE! As an early teenager I kept getting ingrown toenails on both my big toes, and for some reason my parents kept taking me to a general surgeon who, of course, hacked and slashed and ripped out the toenail. Let me tell you, getting a needle in the side of your toe is very, very unpleasant (and makes me squeamish just thinking about it again). After about the 12th operation or so someone had the bright idea to take me to a podiatrist, and lo and behold he had me cured in two visits. My toes, however still bear the mangled look of Frankenstein toes, and I'd be happy to show them to anyone interested (do NOT, however, step on them, as they are extremely sensitive and it is VERY painful).

  4. I have asked two people to marry me. TRUE! The first was Tam back in 1998, who I had met at Pennsic and after a good long while realized I'd fallen in love with. Sadly I'd taken too long (he was desperately in love with me from the beginning), and although I'd offered to move to Canada to be with him, he'd already found someone he chose to build a life with. The second, of course, is my erstwhile and oh-so-cute pinoyboytoyQuincyboo. :D

  5. At one time in my academic career I was a philosophy major. FALSE! I started off as a Computer Engineering major at Drexel University, toyed with switching to something in music and electronics, spent a semester at Delaware County Community College, transferred into West Chester University as a Music Education major, and left there without a degree. The next step would be to eventually get a Communications degree from probably UCSD, but we'll see how things go.

  6. I have had thirteen broken bones in my lifetime. FALSE! I've never broken a bone in my body once. (Note to the Universe: Please ignore that last statement. Thank you.)

  7. I have been interviewed on the radio. TRUE! I was interviewed last March for a science fiction radio program when I was gearing up for Gaylaxicon.

  8. I once had a conversation with Harvey Fierstein. TRUE! He was doing a few scenes from a couple of his shows, giving a talk, and then taking questions at the University of Pennsylvania, and afterwards I got invited to a reception with him and got to chat with him. He was just the sweetest thing!

  9. I once performed dinner theatre at Walt Disney World. TRUE! I was 8 or 10 years old and my family was in WDW and we went to the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue and I got picked to be the good guy in the white hat. I don't remember much of it (this was before video cameras) except that I was supposed to go onstage, flex my muscles, and beat the crap out of some guy in a bear suit with a foam stick. Evidently I was quite the ham, but that's not surprising. ;)

  10. I once rode an elephant. FALSE! suba_al_hadidPenni might think she has a picture of this, but that's Lee riding the elephant at the Philadelphia Zoo, not me. Gotcha!
Amusing, eh? I liked this one! Quincy says he's going to try to outsmart me, but unlike him I make no claims that I know him that well. :P

FYI I'm keeping this locked from Quincy until we see if he decides to post his answers or not as he says he knows me soooooooooo well. ;) I'll open it up later to make sure everyone sees it.
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