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Michael Mason's gift to us fans

There are times when I really appreciate the incestuousness of Southern California fandom. I'm saddened to say that Michael Mason, longtime fan, SMOF and all-around nice guy, was found passed away this evening. Friends checked in on him and found him in his apartment already gone, and literally within an hour word had spread to every phone, e-mail list and LJ in LA and San Diego. I see that as a testament to the friendship and concern all of us here have for each other, and I think it's a fine tribute to Michael, as he was someone who worked so hard to make that fandom community - that family - a reality. I didn't know him well, but I'll certainly remember him for this and for all the fun times we had at various cons catching up on gossip and shooting the shit at room parties. I'm grateful to have met him at all.

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