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Fun couple of days. Yesterday (Friday) was work, had a departmental meeting which went well, then ducked out a few minutes early for a meeting with the Conjecture hotel (I'm liaison), where I finally got to meet the Catering person I'll be working with (big fag). Stopped by Javier's for a bit, and when I got home I was shocked to find a check from the Texas Loser for the cost of the plane ticket! The little bastard actually sent it to me (no note, though, just the check). I'll probably acknowledge receiving it, and then never speak to him again. Then I headed out and met up with Yudi, Hoai and David for dinner at Taste of Thai, and ran into some visiting LYCers from London in Hillcrest. We stopped over Pat & Johnny's (I really need to rent "Queen of the Damned" one of these days), played with their dog, and then I headed home. And despite being tired, I got home at like 12:30 but didn't go to bed until 4:00. :)

Today I got up late (of course), which means we didn't go begging for bingo prizes like we were thinking about doing, so I just headed right to coffee, where I finally met our new lesbian member, Win, who also goes to UCSD as a grad student (I'm going to try to hook her into the lesbian community on campus - she's hanging out with us because she needs friends). Went to dinner, but had to skip out early because thomasm got me and jkusters tickets to see a Peter Shickele P.D.Q. Bach concert! Quite amusing, although I didn't hear much stuff I hadn't heard before. Michael and I liked it, but John thought it was low-brow, which I can see ("the musical equivalent to a knock-knock joke," quoth he). Stopped and got Krispy Kremes on the way home. :D

Had a rather disappointing conversation with Daniel when I got home. Seems after dinner Yudi and a few others went shopping and decided to go out dancing, and ended up at Kicker's. At the same time Daniel was there with two friends, and Yudi saw him and called over to him to say hello. What does Daniel do? "Instinctively" (according to him) shudders and turns away, never acknowledging the hello (and our friends thought this was an "amusingly evil" thing to do). Can you say RUDE? I mean, fuck, no one's asking Daniel to date him, or even like him, but common fucking courtesy is to wave hello for crying out loud. I'm very disappointed in my nene - every time I think he's got his shit together (the infamous "50 year old trapped in a 25 year old's body") he does something childish. He was actually rather proud and amused by what he did, but acknowledged my chastizement - whether or not it will do any good I don't know. I'm kinda peeved, and certainly disappointed - I expect better from him.

Tomorrow is a Conjecture staff meeting, and I really need to do my taxes. Monday is an LYC Executive Committee meeting at Yudi's, Tuesday Pat & Johnny invited us over to watch "Harry Potter," Wednesday is game night, Thursday is Yudi's birthday and a bunch of us are taking him out to dinner (and ironically he asked me to invite Daniel - shaa!), and the weekend is the pot luck at our place. Whew! Busy week. Hopefully work won't be too stressful.

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