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Shopping, shopping, shopping!

It was, indeed, the weekend of shopping. LOVED IT!

Saturday I slept in but xiaomozi666Tri and I hit Rainbow Road and Obelisk before heading to LYC tea. darkscydeDaniel joined us later and he and Tri went to Fashion Valley, but the rest of us went and annoyed Vin while he was working at City Wok, then I stopped off at Mission Valley Mall. Not only did I get a few more things at the Michael's there, but I hit all the stores before they closed, including the B. Dalton that came to Gaylaxicon which was going out of business and everything was 40% off - yowza! Bought a few (er, ok, more than a few) books for myself, but it's ok 'cause they're books. :)

This morning I got up before noon, called mike14780Michael and we met up at North County Fair, where I spent a whole lot more money but got quite a few things I needed (plus more books, but don't tell anyone). Then on the way home I stopped off at Best Buy and got even more stuff (at good prices, too). What a whirlwind!

Now I'm looking it all over, checking my list (twice), and realizing I still need to hit Wal*Mart after my hair appointment tomorrow (which means I'll miss SDQSF going to see Lemony Snicket, but I'm sure Q and I will see it together when I get out there). Then Tuesday LYC is having a last-minute shopping spree at Fashion Valley, so I can finish up there. Then first thing Wednesday morning I'm off to Maryland!

So much to do, so much to do...
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