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This weekend

T'was nice. Friday my boss left early, and even though I intended to do so myself but only managed to leave on time, it was still a good day. Bad news when I got home, though - Russ turned us down for GoH citing health problems. :( Still, we have lots of other guests to invite, so I'm not worried. Even if we were stuck with Joe and David I'd still be thrilled. Yudi came over and I cooked dinner, then we rented and watched "The Tuxedo" with the boys, which was quite amusing (the movie, not the boys), and Yudi stayed over.

Saturday morning he got up at some ungodly hour (before noon - imagine!), and I slept in a bit longer. Finally got up, got ready, and headed to Disneyland to meet up with the Disney gay Annual Passholders group I hang out with. (I almost didn't get in because my AP expired 4/1, and I kept thinking it expired the end of April, but evidently they give you one freebie.) Some folks had already gone over to DCA, so I hung out with my friend Joe, along with Ethan (a bit of a cutie, and way fun), Mark, Tom, Xander, Damian (another cutie, but he left with Xander), and Ryan. We eventually caught up with some of the rest of the group at the Rainforest Cafe in DTD (I finally got my membership - it's go directly to the blue elephant for me from now on!). They almost didn't let me back in again to see the fireworks, but they did. Got to ride Matterhorn twice (once on each track), which is cool because most times I go there it's closed. Neat tip - wear your sunglasses when you ride it at night! Also hit Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones, and all the staples. Finally did the Storybook ride for the first time, which was fun. David, the little flaky CM I met at Indy a few weeks ago, wasn't working - pity, as I was looking forward to seeing his reaction when I walked by. Finally left right at closing, and didn't get home until almost 2:00 (which was, of course, 3:00 with DST).

Sunday morning I got up at some ungodly hour (before noon - imagine!) and met everyone for an LYC/GAMNET dim sum, followed by bowling. They only had about 5 people, but we had 15, so we mixed and matched up teams and played 2 games with 5 teams. Afterwards Yudi, Pete, Haoi, Jeff and I went to Hillcrest for ice cream, and then to Obelisk, and then Pat and Johnny invited them all over for movies, but I was beat, so I went home, took a nap, got up for a little it, then went back to bed on time.

So all in all an eventful and fun weekend. Today is work. Bleh. Busy, got some things that need to be done today, may have to skip lunch, but there it is.

Got a lunch tomorrow, dentist appointment on Thursday, and Conjecture staff meeting on Sunday, which means I need to meet with the hotel this week. And at some point I need to do my taxes, too. Looking at the rest of the month it's jury duty, the LYC "Bunnies, Bonnets & Bingo" pot luck at our house, Mom's birthday, getting my hair re-highlighted, Confurence, the next G'con staff meeting, and LYC karaoke night.

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